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Copyright © 2009

Table of Contents

What Windows Does
The Editions of Windows Vista
What’s New in Windows Vista
Upgrading to Windows Vista
About This Book

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Logging On and Logging Off
Using Welcome Center
Exploring the Windows Interface
The Mouse
The Keyboard
Dialog Boxes
Transferring Data

Chapter 2: The Desktop
Exploring the Start Menu
Using the Start Menu
Customizing the Start Menu
Exploring the Taskbar
Managing Windows by Using the Taskbar
Customizing the Taskbar
Using the Notification Area
Adding Toolbars to the Taskbar
Using the Quick Launch Toolbar
Using the Sidebar
Managing Shortcuts
Tidying Your Desktop

Chapter 3: Getting Help
Starting Help and Support
Browsing Help and Support
Searching Help and Support
Getting Help on the Web
Capturing Screen Images
Allowing Others to Connect to Your
Computer Remotely

Chapter 4: Personalizing Your
Work Environment 117
Using Control Panel
Setting the Window Color and Color Scheme
Setting the Desktop Background
Setting the Screen Saver
Setting the Desktop Theme
Configuring the Monitor
Configuring the Mouse
Configuring the Keyboard
Configuring Sound and Audio Devices
Setting the Date and Time
Localizing Your System
Accommodating Disabled Users
Using Speech Recognition
Using Alternative Mouse Behavior
Conserving Power
Managing Fonts
Managing Visual Effects and Performance
Restoring the Old Windows Look
Getting General System Information

Chapter 5: Organizing Files and Folders
Exploring Your Computer
Storing Stuff in Your Personal Folder
Using Windows Explorer
Navigating in Windows Explorer
Tagging Files
Filtering, Sorting, Stacking, and
Grouping Files
Customizing a Folder
Setting Folder Options
Creating Folders
Naming Files and Folders
Moving and Copying Files and Folders
Sending Files and Folders
Deleting Files and Folders
Compressing Files and Folders
Searching for Files and Folders
Saving Searches
Burning CDs and DVDs
Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 6: Installing and Running Programs
Installing Programs
Removing Programs
Turning Windows Features On or Off
Launching Programs
Launching Programs Automatically
Running Older Programs
Switching Programs
Exiting Programs
Killing Unresponsive Programs
Using the Free Utility Programs
Saving Documents
Opening Documents
Associating Documents with Programs

Chapter 7: Printing, Scanning, and Faxing
Installing a Printer
Sharing a Network Printer
Setting Printer Properties
Printing Documents
Controlling Printouts
Scanning and Faxing

Chapter 8: Setting up Hardware
Connecting Devices to Your Computer
Installing a New Device
Setting up Bluetooth Devices
Managing Device Drivers

Chapter 9: Digital Photos
Importing Photos to Your Computer
Getting Started with Windows Photo Gallery
Viewing Photos
Finding Photos
Touching up Photos
Printing Photos
Ordering Prints Online
Emailing Photos
Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 10: Windows Media Player
Getting Started with Media Player
Playing Music CDs
Customizing the Now Playing Tab
Viewing Visualizations
Changing Player Appearance with Skins
Shopping Online
Listening to Radio Stations
Ripping CDs to Your Hard Drive
Organizing Your Library
Working with Playlists
Burning Music CDs
Playing DVDs
Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 11: Windows Movie Maker
Getting Started with Movie Maker
Importing Content
Organizing Your Clips
Creating a Project
Editing a Project
Editing Clips
Adding Visual Content
Adding Audio Tracks
Publishing a Movie

Chapter 12: Connecting to the Internet
Understanding Connection Types
Connecting to the Internet

Chapter 13: Security and Privacy
Checking Your Security Status
Using a Firewall
Updating Windows
Defending Against Viruses and Spyware
Setting Parental Controls
Encrypting Data

Chapter 14: Internet Explorer
Getting Started with Internet Explorer
Navigating the Web
Using Tabs
Bookmarking Pages
Blocking Pop-Up Windows
Browsing Tips

Chapter 15: Email, Contacts, and Calendars
Getting Started with Windows Mail
Setting up an Email Account
Sending Email
Reading Email
Receiving Attachments
Applying Message Rules
Using Newsgroups
Managing Your Contacts
Creating a Personal Calendar

Chapter 16: Windows Live Messenger
Setting up Messenger
Signing in to Messenger
Creating a Contacts List
Using Messenger

Chapter 17: Managing User Accounts
Setting up User Accounts
Using User Account Control
Managing User Profiles

Chapter 18: Setting up a Small Network
Understanding Network Types
Sharing an Internet Connection
Setting up a Network
Managing a Network
Sharing Files

Chapter 19: Working Remotely
Dialing Direct
Connecting to a Virtual Private
Network Server
Controlling a Computer with
Remote Desktop
Making Network Files and Folders
Available Offline
Using Laptop Utilities

Chapter 20: Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Getting System Information
Managing Tasks
Cleaning up a Disk
Defragmenting a Disk
Checking for Disk Errors
Managing Disks
Scheduling Tasks
Editing the Registry
Reporting and Solving Problems
Boosting Memory
Restoring Your System
Backing up Your Files
Recovering After a Crash
Appendix: Installing Windows Vista
Getting Ready to Install Windows Vista
Choosing an Installation Type
Installing Windows Vista
Activating Windows Vista
Transferring Existing Files and Settings