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Running Gentoo Linux Running Gentoo Linux
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Running Gentoo Linux Running Gentoo Linux

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New Gentoo Features
Because the emphasis of Gentoo is on providing the infrastructure to make the kind of Linux you
want, many of the features recently added to Gentoo resulted in support for new computer archi-
tectures and in the tools for installing Gentoo systems. Gentoo provided two major releases in
2006, and one in 2007.
The Gentoo 2006.0 release in February 2006 featured a new live CD that combined a complete
GNOME desktop environment with a Gentoo installer. The installer can be used to install the live
CD's desktop system permanently to hard disk. In terms of support for multiple hardware architec-
tures, the PPC64 team produced optimized stages for G5 and Power5 processors.
The Gentoo 2006.1 release in August 2006 brought improved support for Alpha, SPARC, PPC, and
HPPA architectures. On the x86 and AMD64 platforms, networkless installs were added to provide
a much easier and more streamlined installation experience for users. Other advancements to the
Gentoo Catalyst installer included improvements to features that enabled you to run a Gentoo
install that resulted in your own, custom live CD image.
The Gentoo 2007.0 release in May 2007 included a rewriter version of the Gentoo Linux Installer
as well as updated applications. Another release is scheduled, but at the time of this writing it is
not available. If released in late 2007, it is expected to be called Gentoo 2007.1, continuing the
current Gentoo numbering scheme.
Installing Gentoo
A traditional Gentoo installation is more like building your own Linux than it is like typical Linux
installs. However, improvements to the Gentoo installer, including the ability to install directly
from the Gentoo live CD, makes installing Gentoo a much easier proposition for the first-time
Gentoo user.
Two different Gentoo installation procedures are included in this chapter:
Live CD Install -- Using the Gentoo live CD included on the DVD that comes with this
book, you can boot to a live Gentoo system. Then, by opening an icon on the desktop,
you can begin the process of installing Gentoo on your hard disk with a basic, preset
desktop system. If you are new to Gentoo, you should use this install type.
Minimal CD Install -- If you prefer a more tuned and selective Gentoo install, boot the
CD that comes with this book to run a minimal Gentoo install procedure.
Getting Gentoo
The Gentoo Linux distribution is available in several different forms. The live CD install is the easi-
est to do and is the one that is included with this book. However, there are more customizable
install types you might want to look into as well.
Running Gentoo Linux